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How else can we help make your stay easy?

Need a mountain bike guide to show you the trails or give you pointers?

We can connect you with a qualified instructor and bike stores with high  end rentals.

Want to try out a shuttle drop but don't have the right vehicles?

"Practical Gary", our extended cab 4WD pickup outfitted with a 6 bike North Shore rack is up for the job.


Want to get a ride in, go skiing or have a night out without the little ones?

We can help find a reliable, experienced babysitter or create a fun day of activities for the kids.

Need a packed lunch or ran out of time to get to a grocery store for breakfast supplies ?

We can create meals or stock your kitchen for you.

And of course if you need recommendations, ideas or help to plan your vacation, we are available before and during your stay. Just ask us! 

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